Quality Assurance

JTS Quality Program:

JTS expects quality performance from our employees and teammates and has established a Quality Program that addresses two perspectives to facilitate and ensure consistent and continued quality performance:

  1. Quality Control (QC) - making sure the results of the work done is as per client expectation and
  2. Quality Assurance (QA) - making sure defined and documented processes are being followed and maintained correctly to ensure continuing quality improvement methodologies

Our QA/QC methods are thorough, organized, and iterative and are characterized by continual and open communication, internally as well as with our clients. 

With the issuance of a task order under this contract and definition of the Business and Technical Requirements Baseline, JTS creates a WBS, Schedule, Cost Baseline, and a specific Task Order QC Plan in collaboration with the Seaport-e Program Manager. The specific Task Order QC Plan will include a set of Acceptable Quality Levels (AQLs) for specific parameters that will depend on the nature of the task assigned.  The QC Plan will include a schedule for testing the AQLs.  The QC Plan and the AQLs contained within will then become the basis for managing the quality process. 

JTS QA processes are aligned with SEI CMMI standards, and focused on ensuring that the work products are delivered as per defined requirements, schedule, cost, standards and documented configurations.  Our team implements quality by ensuring proper assessments of business areas such as business processes, data flows, regulations, business rules, data (data elements/data codes), reports, roles and permissions. 

Our Quality program is transparent and addresses cost to ensure proper management of allocated budgets. A benefit of our process is that we target affordability and control cost growth as a Key Performance Parameter, eliminate redundancy within warfighter portfolios, reduces bureaucracy, make production rates economical and hold them stable, incentivize productivity & innovation in Industry, adjust progress payments to incentivize performance, reinvigorate industry's independent research and development and protect the defense technology base, ensure auditable (well documented) programs to assist to provide the Navy well documented programs that can assist and ensures fair competition. 

The bulleted list below summarizes the responsibilities each member of the team must shoulder to ensure effective QA/QC management.

  • QA Specialist:
    • Establish QC standards, plan, procedures
    • Perform monthly audits of performance data
    • Perform periodic random audits of performance data and conformance to processes
    • Identify current and potential problem areas
    • Facilitate corrective action and process improvement analysis with project team
    • Provide reports on project performance to Program Manager
    • Ultimately responsible for enforcement of all QA standards
  • Program/Project Manager:
    • Monitor project performance as a component of overall contract-level delivery and identify potential and current problem areas
    • Identify process improvements
    • Implement corrective actions to address problem areas
    • Escalate major problems to the Senior Manager and to the Seaport-e COTR
    • Submit semi-annual progress review reports by aggregating project-level data
    • Take responsibility for delivery at the contract level
  • Subtask Leads:
    • Monitor task performance and identify potential and current problem areas
    • Identify process improvements within the task and across tasks
    • Implement corrective actions to address problems at subtask level
    • Escalate major problems to PM (or Senior Manager, in PM’s absence)
    • Submit weekly and monthly reports on performance to PM
  • Team Members:
    • Monitor performance of subtask activities; identify potential and current problem areas
    • Help identify process improvements opportunities
    • Help implement corrective actions to address problems at the task level
    • Escalate major problems to the Subtask Lead (or PM in Subtask Lead’s absence)
    • Submit input for weekly and monthly reports on performance to Subtask Lead

The JTS QC/QA process requires every member of our team to be engaged in the JTS Quality Program.