Visitor Receptionist


Visitor Receptionist provides information to visitors at the reception desk, entry control, and processing badges and passes for each visitor. Visitor Receptionist is responsible for issuing and maintaining identification cards/badges, credentials, and passes for all military, civilian, and contractor employees, as well as domestic and foreign visitors. Maintain visual and audio control of vault entry control points at all times during working hours to prevent entry by unauthorized personnel. Ensure un-cleared persons are escorted by cleared facility personnel. Maintain a current visitor sign in sheet and access control roster. Ensure access control rosters are maintained at access control points and are kept current. Provide escort to facility cleaning crew when servicing the NGCC and vault areas.


  • Screen visiting personnel to determine security eligibility; ensures visiting personnel are appropriately cleared prior to granting access to the facility.
  • Notify military, civilian, and contractor personnel when visitors requesting access to the facility are not appropriately cleared and require an escort.
  • Access to JPAS is required in the performance of duties.
  • Experience in the use of Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) to verify personnel security clearances is desired.
  • Verify personnel security clearances and processes visitor badges.
  • Prepares and issue NGCC visitor access badges as required.
  • Maintain a current access control roster.
  • Provide daily escort of facility contract cleaning crew in the area of responsibility at Arlington Hall Station Bldg 2, Level 3, NGCC area.
  • Personal Identify Information (PII). All employees must secure and protect any PII data managed as part of day to day business practices as it relates to federal information and information systems.
  • Safety. All NGCC employees have and will continue to abide by U.S. Army, DOD, and ARNG established rules, regulations, and safety work practices; Identify and take immediate corrective action to resolve any existing or potential safety problems; Notify the Government Supervisor immediately if any unsafe condition is detected during the course of any instruction.


  • Must be able to obtain, and maintain, a SECRET clearance. A CAC is required for Base access and the LAN.
  • Shall work with the contracting office for processing into the Contractor Verification System (CVS).
  • Must possess at least a high school diploma.
  • Strong organizational skills;
  • Excellent word processing skills including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel