THE CHALLENGE: Providers deliver medical services that are not aligned with patient desires or family intentions.

THE RESULT: Unauthorized care, unnecessary costs & potential liability for care providers.

THE CHALLENGE: A patient’s medical status changes and health care providers lack an effective family notification procedure to clarify and confirm patient and family wishes.

THE RESULT: Previously determined patient and family wishes are overlooked.


AFAS: an effective real-time family notification system to connect physicians, patients, and families during times of need.

Healthcare professionals have often heard the stories of providers delivering medical services that are not aligned with the patient’s desires or their family’s intent. The results of these stories bring grief to the family, as well as the facility’s and the provider’s credibility and reputation, frequently resulting in costly lawsuits. Today, the solution is here: the Automated Family Alert System (AFAS) by JTS. AFAS automates acute care notifications to authorized family members, enhancing communications between providers, patients, and their loved ones. Using a powerful voice-command assistant, AFAS notifies family members of any changes in the patient’s condition. It integrates with existing EHRs to ensure the capture of patient data from an approved database record.

How AFAS Works:


How unique is this product?

We’ve conducted extensive market research to conclude that there is no product with the AFAS capabilities in the healthcare market.

Even though the current capability is not EHR-certified, our demo will demonstrate the AFAS seamless interface with EHR by using SMART on FHIR.  This product is patent-pending (application 15867810, filed 18 Jan 2018).

Is this solution HIPAA compliant?

The messages provided by AFAS via the cloud are not in violation of HIPAA regulations. AFAS interfaces with the EHR in a safe and secure manner, using an encrypted environment during the initial stages of contacting the family member.

In addition, the recipient must be already listed as the family representative in the hospital EHR. Specific patient information is never used while we trigger the notification procedures.

Is it going to a family member’s personal device? How can it be HIPAA-compliant?

AFAS notifies the designated family representative by using their personal cell phones and offering them a call-back number for further information. This notification is nonspecific and only alerts the family member that there has been a change detected among the set parameters, without revealing the precise nature of the change or which parameter triggered the notification.

What triggers the notification?

The notification is triggered in two different ways:

1.Manual procedure. A health care representative can independently access AFAS to send an alert message to a family member.

2.Automated procedure. A change in a set of customizable parameters related to the patient automatically triggers a notification. AFAS provides the hospitals with the ability to customize trigger parameters (e.g., changes in vital signs, changes in healthcare team, location changes) and the mode of notification (phone call vs text).

What if the patient gets out of bed or pulls their monitor leads off? How will the system know it’s a false alarm?

AFAS does not receive input directly from patient monitors. It only automatically obtains information from the electronic medical records.

How does AFAS account for last-minute record changes?

A health care representative can manually trigger AFAS notifications to send an alert message to a family members in critical situations.

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