THE CHALLENGE: Providers deliver medical services that are not aligned with patient desires or family intentions.

THE RESULT: Unauthorized care, unnecessary costs & potential liability for care providers.

THE CHALLENGE: A patient’s medical status changes and health care providers lack an effective family notification procedure to clarify and confirm patient and family wishes.

THE RESULT: Previously determined patient and family wishes are overlooked.


Automated Family Alert System (AFAS): an effective real-time family notification system to connect Hospital Healthcare Teams to primary care practitioners (as applicable), caregivers, and designated contacts during times of need.

AFAS is an innovative augmentation to your existing EHR Communications Plans and Processes whereby you and your healthcare team can ensure effective telephonic and text messaging within the 5-Right Communication Parameters:

  • Right patient
  • Right recipient
  • Right sender
  • Right time/ cadence
  • Right Message / call back number

AFAS simplifies care notifications to authorized recipients, streamlining communications between providers, patients, and caregivers. AFAS can help to ensure that patient care plans are consistent with the stated goals for care. It integrates with existing EHRs to ensure the capture of a patient’s Primary Contact information, legal guardian, or legal next of kin, from an approved database record. Using a powerful voice-command assistant, AFAS notifies the designated, authorized recipient of a change in the patient’s status, in accordance with the Healthcare Team’s or caregiver’s intent.

How AFAS Works:

With a click of a button, AFAS can help locate and connect healthcare personnel with authorized next-of-kin at any time through our easy-to-use design.

You will always have access to AFAS notification history as added assurance to you and the patient’s family that AFAS is doing its job.

Manage your billing at any time through our personal billing portal.

Help and support is always available through a click of a button.


What languages does AFAS support?

Currently, AFAS communicates in English for voice only, but the simultaneous text messages are currently in both English and Spanish. In future releases, message originators will have a drop-down choice for other text message language choices.

Is this solution HIPAA compliant?

All data is managed within the EHR; only the essential information in the EHR necessary to send a message is utilized (name and contact number of designated contacts, primary care physician, or other authorized contact in the EHR). No PHI is transmitted in the content of any message at any time.

How is messaging initiated?

The notification is triggered in two different ways:

  1. Manual procedure.A person with access to the EHR can independently access AFAS to send a call-back message.
  2. Automated procedure.In future releases, custom parameters may be established to initiate a message.

How do I contact AFAS for support?

Sales or Developer Support

    2. Phone: 1-877-718-2327, M-F, 8 AM to 4 PM EST

Helpdesk Support

      1. Phone: 1-877-718-2327, M-F, 8 AM to 4 PM EST
      2. Initiate a helpdesk request via email to:

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